Correct characteristics of the newly involved artificial intelligence methods in science and technology using statistical data sets

Farhad Ashrafi, Asghar Javadi


Thus, the study of motor actions requires the analysis of motor behaviors, that is to say "the significant organization of motor behavior" of the subject and the various relationships that the subject has with time, space, material and others. All of these relationships reveal the elements of uncertainty that will characterize the motor situation studied.Figure 1Objects of study of motor actionObjects of study of motor actionParlebas distinguishes two major forms of uncertainty: those related to the physical environment and those related to the behavior of others. The physical environment as well as the behavior of others offer a multitude of stimuli to a practitioner during a motor task. This creates unpredictability as to the actions to be performed and requires the practitioner to process information from the physical environment and the behavior of others to adapt his actions. Parlebas addresses this informational dimension of motor action and the participant's need to adapt to a predefined environment, also qualified as "domestic", as in a large number of sports disciplines ,Adaptation to the physical environment is found in motor situations that we qualify as psychomotor.

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