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The International Center for Development of Science and Technology (ICDST) is a private for-profit society consisted of experts in different fields trying to give educational and scientific services to the scholars, students and academics globally.

The International Center for Development of Science and Technology was established in 2012 for the purpose of brining a bright medium between web based services of academy type and the readers who are the consumers of such products. In relationship with other organizations such as research institutions, knowledge based organizations, companies, and other foundations, ICDST offers a variety of plans to keep and promote educational based programs for the good of research development.


ICDST publishes scholarly journals in different academic topics, and at this moment, only electronic version of the articles are available for download online.


Extending open-access based knowledge creation of high excellence


Scientific creativity by quality publishing standards
Bringing equal chances of publication for all countries


Scientific development based on research
Bridging scientists ideas for enhanced educational resources and online information
Sponsoring and paying scholarships to the developing countries students plus prizes to top papers


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