A Quick Note on Undiversified Turbo Coding

Vahid Rahmati


Turbo Coding (TC) is a channel coding (CC) method introduced by C. Berrou in 1993 which approached Shannon’s limit for 0.7 dB. The original structure of such coder consisted of two convolutional coders plus an inter-leaver which made it vulnerable to burst errors for low entropy input data. This paper suggests the replacement of the inter-leaver with a novel inter-coder to improve entropy of data input to secondary convolutional coder in order to eliminate more burst errors. This is performed by simulations resulting in diagrams where both methods are compared in terms of BER function to EB/N0 [dB], block length (LB) [bit], maximum number of blocks used (Bmax), number of iterations, maximum acceptable error (Errmax), and varoius orders of trellis equations.

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